Design changes for City Rail Link- with video

railimpression_620x310Auckland Transport (AT) has decided to redevelop the existing Mt Eden Station and connect it to the CRL rather than build a new underground station at Newton.

Since the CRL’s concept design was developed two years ago, there has been concerted effort to optimise the design and drive value for money.  The on-going design improvement process included a comprehensive review of all project elements by an international “challenge team” of experts.

The improved design will connect passengers at Mt Eden Station to the CRL which previously bypassed them and improve operational reliability through the provision of a separated east-west junction so train lines won’t need to cross over each other.


Customer experience
  • Improves reliability with grade separated junction
  • Allows Mt Eden passengers to connect to CRL
  • Saves time for 3000 passengers a day – 95 a day have longer journeys
  • Deep lifts replaced by open to air platforms
  • Provides better modal transfer
  • Leverages development of construction site
  • Better fit with wider development potential
Construction impacts
  • Reduces construction disruption on Symonds St by 12-18 months
  • Reduces construction effects on some properties
  • Six fewer surface properties required
  • About a dozen fewer sub-surface properties required
  • Reduces capital cost by $124 million
  • Reduces operational expenditure

A video of the new design;





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